Industry 4.0 strategy for the region of Panevėžys has been developed

Industry 4.0 strategy for the region of Panevėžys has been developed

©Panevėžys City Municipality, G. Kartanas

Panevėžys has taken steps to implement its ambition to become the centre of innovative industry. The draft strategy for the development of Industry 4.0 in the region of Panevėžys has been prepared.

The strategy is expected to help develop a competitive ecosystem creating high added value and based on close cooperation among businesses, education, R&D and public sector institutions. Such ecosystem will create more high added value jobs and ensure the competitiveness of regional businesses at both national and international levels. Successful development of the industry sector will boost the economy as well as contribute to the positive image of the Panevėžys region. By retaining and attracting students, professionals and investments, the region will become an attractive place to live, study and work.

The strategy focuses on three areas: the development of an education and R&D system that would meet future economic needs; improvement of conditions for business creation and growth; creation of the image of Panevėžys region as the center of Industry 4.0.

The draft strategy was based on strategic documents of national and regional importance, good foreign experience, the results of research conducted in the region, recommendations by economic development experts and representatives of business, education and R&D institutions of Panevėžys region.