COMPANY ACTIVITIES: metal processing, products, manufacturing.

Metalistas LT is a successful Lithuanian metal processing company that was founded in 1960. The company focuses on three main metal working activities: cold stamping, industrial subcontracting and metal machining. The private company has an average of 160 employees. Metalistas LT is a continuously developing organisation, therefore, employees in the company are constantly expanding their knowledge in order to raise their qualifications and achieve higher goals. The company operates the Metalistas Academy, where employees attend theoretical and practical seminars, share experiences, even take exams and receive ratings. Metalistas LT actively contributes to the development of Industry 4.0 in the region of Panevėžys. In its manufacturing processes, Metalistas LT uses modern technologies and implements innovative automatisation solutions.


The foreign partners integrate The Fourth Industrial Revolutions solutions through the entire value chain, hence businesses in Panevėžys mus react to this in order not be left behind in the competitive market. The the biggest challenge today is to move from the stage of understanding that these actions are needed to be taken into the stage of actual accomplishments of these actions.

Mantas Gudas, Baltic Industry, 2018

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