Panevėžys Mechatronics Centre (Lithuanian equivalent - Panevėžio mechatronikos centras - PMC) is an open access centre and one of the leading research and experimental institutions in the region of Panevėžys. PMC specializes in electronics, automation, mechatronics, programming, micro / nano technology. centre specialists provide a variety of services, including industrial process automation, organisation, research and other. PMC conducts joint projects in collaboration with companies such as AQ Wiring Systems, Factobotics, Neurotechnology, Roquette Amilina, and others. It is the only developer of micro-electro-mechanical systems in Lithuania and one of a kind R&D centre focused on unique solutions from science to prototype.


  • Artificial Intelligence. AI Energija is artificial intelligence and cloud computing based solution to save thermal energy
  • Micro-nano technology lab. CMUT Badge is the world's first gas sensor technology-based (CMUT) badge to measure various particles in the air.
  • Automation of industrial processes. AutoWire is an original design coupling sealing pins insertion device that allows to achieve several times higher performance than the manual pin punching method. Designed for AQ Wiring Systems.
  • Elektronics. Focusonic is a unique ultrasonic parametric speaker that allows to direct the sound in the desired direction, avoiding the propagation of sound in all directions. The loudspeaker can be used, for example, in galleries to transmit an audio explanation from the ceilings when watching particular painting. Designed for Neurotechnology.
  • Robotics - Robobend is the world's first standardised robot to automate CNC metal folding machines in the sheet metal industry. Designed for Factobotics.
  • Programming solutions - Smart Conveyor is a software package for conveyors that allows to significantly increase performance and remotely optimise work. Designed for Adax.


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