Manufacturing as an engine of economic growth in the region of Panevėžys

Manufacturing is one of the key factors of economic growth in the region of Panevėžys. On the national level, the manufacturing sector has played a key part in dynamic growth of Lithuanian export and is critically important to the Lithuanian economy. With its history as the largest color TV screen and compressor producer in the Baltics, Panevėžys is well known as the centre for the engineering competencies. Today about one third of the GDP produced in the region is generated in the manufacturing sector and almost 600 manufacturing companies are responsible for employing a quarter of area’s population. Most of the production is exported, which makes it crucial for the companies to increase competitiveness in the global market and produce high value added products.

Among the companies are strong manufacturers of automotive components, electronic equipment, food products, packaging and furniture, metal and plastic processors. The majority of the companies within a region are small and medium-sized enterprises. The region of Panevėžys is chosen by different foreign capital companies, including investors from Norway, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Estonia, Germany and other countries. Some of these companies belong to the “FIBAssociation” - the foreign investors association operating in Panevėžys. The foreign capital companies are encouraged to establish themselves in the free economic zone of Panevėžys and in the Norwegian industrial park Scan Investment.

Key sectors for economic growth in the region of Panevėžys

Robotics and automation

Transportation, manufacturing and logistics


Furniture and textile

Food and beverage production

Agriculture and natural resources

In order to ensure a sustainable and geographically balanced economic growth throughout Lithuania, all Lithuanian regions are encouraged to choose their strategic specialisation for their economic growth. After evaluating the internal resources and the potential for their use, Robotics and automation have been identified as one of the main areas of economic development in the region of Panevėžys. Following the defined direction, at the beginning of 2018, the Panevėžys City Municipality signed a cooperation agreement on development of robotics with 14 institutions. It was agreed to become one of the strongest centres of robotics in the region of North East Europe through the continuous support aimed at fostering the progressive development of business growth and scientific activities.
The region of Panevėžys has a high potential for the development of Industry 4.0. First of all, the region of Panevėžys can offer the engineering knowledge and experience. Secondly, there is a a large number of companies in the region that express the interest in the adoption of new technologies, automation and digitization solutions. Finally, the successful development of Robotics and automation specialisation in Panevėžys has a direct positive impact on the development of other directions of economic growth in the region.

Innovative companies in the region

Success stories

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Renata Burbaitė

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